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About Left Foot Studio

Left Foot Studio is more than just an avenue for artistic expression. Through art sales, auction donations, and events, Left Foot Studio has raised thousands of dollars for children's charities. Left Foot Studio is proud to reinvest the proceeds from the charity-focused collection to creating art pieces that are donated to charity art auctions.


While Brek has always enjoyed art, it wasn't until 2010 that the native Texan picked up a paintbrush. He started with small canvases and gradually evolved his style and medium to where they are today. Initially he painted as a simple, yet enjoyable past time. Shea soon found a demand for his paintings as people visiting his home asked to buy the art. Even with the increased demand for a Shea original, not much has changed at Left Foot Studio. The blonde soccer star artist is characteristically humble about his artistic success and paintings by Shea are as original as their creator. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and unique. He paints in the moment, creating whatever appeals to him, and, at times, painting over previous work because he's decided he'd prefer something different. Yet, his works remain so captivating that Shea has garnered national attention for their bright, bold colors and popularity.



what inspires us

From classic acrylics to resin and even neon, we pride ourselves on creating art for every taste.


what we wear

Channel your inner creativity with versatile clothing and accessories, uniquely designed to stand out from the crowd.


where we’ve been

While we’re always looking forward, we like to remember where we’ve been and recognize the impact we’ve made with the support of our customers.